External Cleaning

We take care of all the external spaces of your facilities such as common outdoor areas, gardens, landscapes, fa├žades, and car parks. We understand the critical roles these spaces play in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and social interaction. Our external cleaning services are designed to maintain such spaces to the highest standards and ensure that they are able to perform their intended functions.

Our highly qualified and trained team follows industry-standard procedures and uses advanced equipment to deliver external cleaning services with a consistently high level of quality.

  • We clean floors, walls, and surfaces from dust and dirt in efficient ways that reduce airborne dust.
  • Our vacuums use HEPA and ULPA filtration to capture microscopic dust and allergens and leave three times fewer particles in the air.
  • We maintain the cleanliness of light fixtures regularly to ensure essential lighting requirements.
  • We dispose of waste in a safe and environment-friendly manner with proper labelling.
  • We control and tackle spills in a prompt manner using the right materials and equipment to minimize consequences.
  • We make sure to use green chemicals and biodegradable products to produce a minimal ecological footprint.

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