Hygiene Cleaning

We serve highly sensitive sectors like healthcare with high precision hygiene cleaning to meet their unique requirements and expectations. Our comprehensive range of hygiene cleaning services includes disinfection, water treatment, handling of biomedical and hazardous waste, floor and surface cleaning, housekeeping, and laundry to name a few.

  • We take special care in floor cleaning whether vinyl or marble according to strict schedules and in using efficient ways that reduce airborne dust.
  • We use colour coded cleaning to preserve hygiene and avoid the spread of germs across different risk zones.
  • We are experienced in handling biomedical and hazardous waste with special purpose vehicles and a dedicated team equipped with special bins and containers to handle such waste.
  • We use low noise machines and equipment to ensure the serenity of the environment.
  • Our cleaning materials are made of microfiber cloth which helps in eliminating waste by using less cleaning solution. The microscopic microfiber also helps in boosting hygiene as it removes 99% of dirt and germs.
  • We preserve air quality by avoiding the use of aerosol-based cleaning products.
  • Our vacuums use HEPA and ULPA filtration to capture microscopic dust and allergens and leave three times fewer particles in the air.
  • We make sure to use green chemicals and biodegradable products to produce a minimal ecological footprint.

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