Isnaad Launches New Disinfection Service For Businesses and Household Customers

Infinite Protection Package

Infinite Protection Package from Isnaad combines deep cleaning, disinfection, and coating services to ensure multi-level protection from germs on surfaces.

The new service will be spearheaded by Isnaad that provides a comprehensive range of soft facility management and is the latest in a series of innovative solutions aimed at creating a clean, safe, and healthy UAE.

The Infinite Protection Package provides multi-level protection from germs on surfaces in both residential and commercial facilities. It includes deep cleaning, disinfection, nano treatment, a unique air purification system, and the Indoor Smart Anti-Pandemic Patrol Robot (AIMBOT). Deep cleaning is necessary to remove stubborn impurities that attract microorganisms as well as to remove old residues of cleaning agents that could interact with biocides, which will then impair the success of the disinfection of surfaces.

As opposed to standard disinfectants that clear the surfaces from any viral or bacterial microorganisms for a short period, Isnaad’s nano treatment delivers a monomolecular layer of an antimicrobial agent that is permanently bonded to the surface and remains active for up to 30 days. This coating helps prevent the build-up of microorganism colonies on the surfaces. It also provides an easy to clean method and help reduce the frequency of sanitation.

Further, the installation of an air filtration system will help disinfect and keep the air quality sterile. The AF100 Air Purifier removes all particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or more, thereby providing an exceptionally good AQI of PM2.5. This is achieved through the use of a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which conforms to established international standards to remove 99.97% of particles, ensuring that the air in a space is pure, clean, and safe.

As people increasingly tend to forget their mask or avoid wearing it deliberately even as they have a temperature, AIMBOT detects body temperatures and alert those who have higher than usual, identify and communicate with people not wearing masks, and disinfect the surroundings as it moves through an area. The robot can also broadcast public information messages such as warnings of the impending closure of a space or reminding people to maintain social distancing.

We will also offer an optional swab test using ATP measurement devices on surfaces that have undergone deep cleaning followed by disinfection and coating. Household customers, such as tenants and owners, as well as businesses in sectors as diverse as healthcare, education, government, hospitality, banking, aviation, construction, industrial, transport, and culture and art, among others, can also benefit from the provision of a report, which will contain suggestions for further treatment and deep cleaning of areas frequently as well as to maintain the efficacy of coating.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Jamal Abdulla Lootah, Group CEO, Imdaad, said: “In keeping with our commitment to developing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers, we have introduced a host of innovative services this year. The new disinfection service is a result of our constant search for a robust preventive and protective system against the growth of germs on both hard and soft surfaces. At Imdaad, we take pride in our excellent products and services that are contributing to the UAE government’s efforts to create clean, safe, and healthy communities in the country.”